Welcome to the Oakmont, CA Pickleball Club

We’re a fun-loving group who enjoy a lively sport that provides great exercise and a sense of community. We’re fortunate to enjoy six beautiful courts in a magnificent setting at the East Recreation Center. 

Membership in the Oakmont Pickleball Club has many benefits and aims to enhance the Pickleball experience through social, educational, and competitive events. 

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Court Expansion Campaign Gets a Boost from Santa Rosa City Council

SANTA ROSA, MAY 21… The Santa Rosa City Council unanimously voted to approve OVA’s proposed amendment to its Planned Development Policy statement.

The impact of the decision would, among other things, give the homeowner association the ability to increase pickleball facilities here. OPC members have been focused on expanding available courts in Oakmont and hailed the decision.

For more information about the court expansion campaign, follow this link >>

Paddles waiting overflow at East Rec courts.

OPC Celebrates Successful 2024 Spring Pickleball Tournament

Some 110 players, volunteers and spectators thronged to the East Rec courts at Oakmont on April 27 for what was hailed as perhaps OPC’s largest and most successful tournament yet.

With moderate temperatures and clear, blue skies, OPC’s pickling warriors delighted fans and each other with intense yet fun competition on Oakmont’s courts.

For a more complete tournament wrap-up,

Seeking a Fall Tournament Organizer(s)

Spring tournament organizers Larry Burns and John Bruno want to play in our next tournament, so if you’re interested in serving, please contact Tim Smith, board liaison, at timsemailathome@gmail.com Larry and John have promised full mentoring support to their replacement.

Pickleball Player Ratings: What they Are, Why Use Them

Every player probably has some idea of how they compare to their general peer group. But our self perceptions are quite subjective. 

Player ratings bring a more objective measure of performance that can be used to group players of similar skill level. 

Ratings can be used for players who want to track their progress and skill development. 

Or, they can be used for categorizing players to achieve more evenly balanced player brackets for everyday court play or tournaments. 

Several methods of player rating include self rating, DUPR or peer rating. DUPR is an acronym for “Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating.”

This free, easy-to-use app is the only global rating system in pickleball that encompasses all of a player’s results. A player rating is required for entry into the upcoming Spring Tournament, and players may choose to use either DUPR or self-rating, or both.

For more about player ratings and how they work, read our page on player ratings.

OPC Calendar

Oakmont Open Play

Everyday 9:30 – 11:30 am & 2:00 – 4:00

Member Orientation Times

Tuesdays 9:00 – 10:00 am

May 23 – Saddle Club Dinner 

Wild Oak Saddle Club 5:00 – 8:00 PM Sorry, sold out.

June 12 – OPC Game Night

CAC Game Room 6-8 PM


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Club News

OPC Announces Proposed New Court Usage Guidelines

On April 29, members at the OPC Quarterly Membership Meeting approved some new court usage guidelines on a trial basis to gauge their effectiveness. 

The guidelines were offered to increase actual play time on the courts, improve courtesy and reduce conflict.

For details, visit the Court Usage page >>

Pickleball Lessons and Coached Play in Oakmont

Our resident pro, Adam MacKinnon, offers pickleball lessons for groups and individuals on the Oakmont Courts. Lessons may be scheduled generally outside of open play on Wednesdays and Thursdays, while coached foursomes may be scheduled on Weds and Thurs during open play. 

More about Adam and lessons >>

Let's Play Pickleball!

A monthly column by OPC member Jim Howard, who is a USA Pickleball official and referee in training.

5 Chess Strategies to Become a Smarter Pickleball Player


Fellow Picklers, Chess and Pickleball, similar strategies? You bet! This is a great video on the similarities and how to improve your game. Enjoy! See you on the courts.

Watch it on Youtube >>