2024 OPC Membership Survey Report

OPC conducted a survey of its membership in February, 2024. The intention of the survey was to solicit member opinions and feedback on a variety of issues.

The survey consisted of 8 questions with multiple choice answers and one open-ended question where members were invited to submit comments and suggestions. The survey generated considerable response, with 105 members participating (58% participation).

A summary report which shows how members responded to the first eight questions is included lower on this page.

Board Action Based on the Survey

The board met in March 2024 to review the results of the survey and undertook decision-making based on its interpretation of what the members favored. Here are the highlights of those actions.

Question 1 Issue: Allowing lessons on courts during open play.

Board Action: As of May 1, Pickleball pro Adam MacKinnon will no longer conduct individual lessons during open play.

However, coached play will be allowed provided no fewer than four members are scheduled together during open play.

Question 2 Issue: Amending bylaws to change board term length to two years.

Board Action: The board will recommend that the club’s bylaws be changed to stipulate two-year terms for officers/board members with the option of resigning after one year.

Question 3 Issue: Funds permitting, should OPC invest in another VAPTR unit?”

Board Action: The board will earmark approximately $3,250 for a second VAPTR unit later this year, subject to final member approval. Members not currently approved to operate the device may apply for VAPTR training at that time.

Question 4 Issue: Should OPC offer special training on AED/CPR for members?

Board Action: The board has asked the Health and Safety Committee to arrange for this training (details TBD). Depending on the course cost and funds available, OPC may cover part of the cost for participating players.

Question 5 Issue: Changing open play to accommodate dedicated court space for advanced players.

Board Action: No change. Open play will remain exactly as currently configured with players allowed to paddle up in any court bracket. Advanced players wishing to create dedicated court time for their bracket are encouraged to arrange it outside of open play.

Question 6 Issue: Allowing mid-late afternoon play with a BYOB happy hour mixer following for players.

Board Action: Sponsor a BYOB Happy Hour once per month, subject to volunteer(s) stepping forward to organize the event.

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Question 7 Issue: What should OPC do with its current surplus of funds?

Board Action: The board will begin allocating more funds for OPC events, with details TBD based on available budget. Funds will also be earmarked for a second VAPTR unit.

Question 8 Issue: Should guests be allowed in future OPC tournaments?

Board Action: The board will not approve guests in tournaments once the Spring Tournament is past.

Question 9: Open Ended Questions

The ninth and final question generated a wide variety of comments (49 in total) with no central theme, so there was no way to quantify feedback for this question. However, several suggestions were discussed and are listed either because they were offered more than once or because the board felt the issue was significant enough to warrant action.

  • Dogs at courtside. Dogs are welcomed, but OVA leash laws MUST be observed at all times. In addition, animals that constantly bark may be discouraged when they pose a distraction to members present.
  • Get more courts/increase play time on existing courts. Comments addressed various things, such as adding gates, improving speed of court changes, drying wet courts more quickly, scheduling orientation outside of open play, etc. NOTE: the board has asked the Courts Usage Committee to make recommendations regarding how to improve speed of court changes and streamline the paddle-up process. Regarding securing more courts, OPC is actively working on this issue as well as asking OVA to consider adding two more gates to the court play area.