The OPC owns and maintains equipment that is to be used only on our Pickleball courts. The shed contains loaner paddles, balls, a few chairs, a first aid kit and other miscellaneous items. All OPC members have access to the shed. Members – get your court key at the OVA Office ($2).


The ball that we use is ‘Dura Fast 40’ ball. They are one of the balls sanctioned by the USAPA and we feel they are a bit quieter than some of the other USAPA sanctioned balls. 


The paddles that we own and maintain are all acceptable for play on our courts. We have banned any paddle that is on the Red Zone list that was created and maintained by Sun City Grand. You can find Sun City Grand’s entire list here. It contains both acceptable and unacceptable paddles. Please do not play with Red Zone paddles on the OPC Pickleball Courts. 

  • Loaner paddles – The Oakmont Pickleball Club keeps a set of loaner paddles for members to try. Newer models are cycled in and the older ones are donated.  Contact Doc at 707-349-9065 for more information.
  • Engage Paddle Discount: 25% — Code:  OKPC101
  • Pickleball Central Discount:  10%–5% for you & 5% for Club towards the purchase of balls, just mention our Club name and code:  CROMPC


A practice backboard is stored on court #4 for use by OPC club members. A lock with the same combination as the shed is for locking the backboard to the fence when not in use. See videos on using the RTS Rebounder here.