Where’s the Magic?


Sure, our OPC Board president is a magician. But it takes more than one fancy handed fellow to bring out the best in members and guests on our courts.

Our secret? Patience with fellow players as we paddle up. Grace for open-play with multi-level players. Most of all…the ability to show kindness and offer gentle explanations about our club expectations.

And if you really want an extra dose of bewitchment, take a moment to enjoy our Mayacama View. Chat with others between matches. Delight in the variety of wildlife that scurries off-court (and sometimes…ON court). And offer gratitude for the many volunteers who make this magic happen.

It does take a village.

OPC’s Got Talent-August 12

Who knew that one VERY suave Hawaiian tourist could shake the dance floor so mightily? And why not? Our village of volunteers managed to create

Communicating with your partner

By Kim Taddei and Bruce Hill (In conversation with Oakmont pickleball coach Adam MacKinnon)  Have you ever been on the receiving end of the stink