Featured Member: Tribute to Jay Diment

Jay Diment

It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye

by Doc Savarese

In December, the Oakmont Pickleball Club lost a true friend and advocate of pickleball, Jay Diment. 

It was Jay, along with Connie (and a few others), who at the beginning of pickleball play in Oakmont, established that the priority for playing pickleball was to have “fun”.

While Jay was an excellent player, regardless of his age, he always was more interested in enjoying the game rather than the outcome. You could find him on the courts daily both as a player and mentor. 

Yes, Jay was a special person. He was born on June 20, 1939,  and often stated that he has always pursued an active lifestyle; which could be immediately observed in his garage. 

Bicycles are hanging from the rafters, tennis rackets are hanging on a wall, golf cart and clubs take the  place of a parking space, fishing poles, table tennis, wood carving knifes and an electric scooter can be also observed.


It is even rumored that Jay and Melissa were married on a tandem bicycle when they met in the mid 80’s. 

Jay told me that they evolved into individual bicycles in order to preserve their marriage.

Jay will be missed by all who knew and loved him. 

The OPC wishes to offer its condolences to a wonderful “Ambassador of Oakmont Pickleball.”