I’ve lived in Oakmont with my wife Marlena for over 5 ½ years. Unsurprisingly, I’m retired and people always ask, “What did you do for a living?” I always hesitate because for 30 years I made my living as a magician. When I tell them that, they ask, “What instrument did you play?” And I say no no, not musician, MAGICIAN and then they’re not sure what to say.

In the 1970’s I was an 8th grade science teacher. I had put aside my childhood interest in magic. I learned sleight of hand from my father, Mike. It was one of his passions. In my 7th year of teaching I went into a neighborhood bar named Mr C’s Magic Lounge. It changed my life. I started working there weekends. 5 or 6 magicians would circulate among the patrons doing close-up magic. I loved it. After a year and a half I quit my teaching job and began my life as a magician. I progressed from doing bar magic and birthday parties to corporate magic, trade shows and sales meetings. 

About 7 years ago Marlena and I began auditioning cities around the country for a place to retire. We checked out Florida, North Carolina and then California. My Nephew Michael, a realtor in Healdsburg, helped set us up with a two month rental in Oakmont. After the 1st month we started looking at houses. We were hooked and moved from the Chicago suburbs to Oakmont. 

Marlena writes for the Oakmont News and is active on several Oakmont committees. I’m enjoying retirement in here. Pickleball is just icing on the cake.