This is How We Roll


Feb. 11, 2023.

No matter how chilly the weather, Oakmont Pickleball Club members are always willing to celebrate. What happens if knees begin to shiver, and our well heated homes hearken? We hot-foot it to the courts anyway! Then spin an elegant 360. To catch sight of all the warm smiles surrounding us.

Yes, we are THAT club, where foolishness and snacks go hand in hand with delicate dinks, smackdowns, and wonky lobs. Thanks to ALL for your pink and red presence at our Valentine’s celebration. Don’t forget to check our updated photo gallery.

In the Presence of Greatness

Anita Easland and Diane Naylor rub shoulders with Ana Leigh Waters, a powerhouse player noted as the youngest professional pickleball player in history. If you’ve

St. Paddles Day Fun

What happens when atmospheric rivers deluge a community for months on end? The moment the sun comes out, we’re like school children released from class

Where’s the Magic?

Sure, our OPC Board president is a magician. But it takes more than one fancy handed fellow to bring out the best in members and

OPC’s Got Talent-August 12

Who knew that one VERY suave Hawaiian tourist could shake the dance floor so mightily? And why not? Our village of volunteers managed to create