Developing a website is no easy undertaking. It takes experience, patience, and many hours of copy writing, editing, and rewriting. And then there is the issue of “content.” What should be the content and who is going to be looking for what information. Our club’s new website was developed by Colin, who does IT work for OVA in his primary job and assists clubs and individuals with web design and development in his off-hours. Colin did an amazing job meeting with our website development committee putting the information we gave him into an organized and professional layout making an easy to operate and informative club website. But Colin’s job wouldn’t have been successful if it hadn’t been for the extraordinary work of two pickleball club members who devoted many hours to organizing and developing content for our club website. Linda Schilling and Leslie Gavin reviewed other “pickleball sites” on the web to find something close to what would fit for us. And then they spent many hours developing info for how our site should be used and what content would be beneficial for our members. Their work saved us many hours of exploring options and design elements which resulted in a cost effective, professional looking and functioning website. Thank you again to Linda and Leslie. A job well done!