Fair Play and sportsmanship are keys to success and enjoyment. To ensure safety and smooth operations on the pickleball courts, we request you follow the guidelines and rules below: 

Court Safety 

  • Wear proper court shoes.
  • Always warm up before beginning your play.
  • Do NOT backup on the court – turn and move sideways.
  • Do NOT run into other active courts when playing your ball.
  • When retrieving an errant ball, look for players waving at you to return the ball. 
  • When your ball crosses into another court, call out ‘ball on’.
  • When going to and from a court be aware and stay clear of other active players and courts.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Consider wearing some type of eye protection. 

Court Etiquette 

  • At the beginning of the game, introduce yourself if not familiar with your partner or players. 
  • When you are playing in a non-competitive situation, take time once in a while to play with weaker players – they will be thrilled to have the experience. 
  • Remember if a stronger player is on the court with you, hit to them often – it will make you a better player plus keep the game interesting for all who are playing. If you are playing with weaker players, work on shots that they can return and learn from. 
  • Be courteous and not slam the ball directly at weaker opponents. 
  • Once your game is finished, replace your ball and move off the court as a group so there is minimal disruption to other games. When passing through a court, wait for them to finish their point and give the okay for you to pass. 
  • If a ball comes onto your court, stop play, retrieve ball and return the ball to the court from which it came. 
  • Follow the guidelines for Open Play and non-Open Play. 
  • Unsolicited coaching on the court is not to be done. If someone is new or asks for your input, do so briefly being mindful of the flow of the game. 
  • When a ball is out of bounds, call out loudly as well as using a hand signal. 
  • When courts are busy and you have paddled up, be ready to move quickly when a court opens up. 
  • Be courteous to each other; no foul language or aggressive words or behavior; positive remarks and encouragement only.