Board Members Present: Tom Tremont, Pete Gavin, Brenda Johns, Teresa Howard. Members present: 24.

  1. Welcome-Meeting opened at 11:30 by Tom Tremont.
  2. Membership Report-Pete Gavin. We currently have 167 members.
  3. Treasury Report-Brenda Johns. $5,514 balance. Regular expenditures include paddles, tech support, event supplies, balls, signs.
  1. Events/Social Committee/Alzheimers Committee-Liz Majkowski. 

         done twice a year/spring and fall.

         Ugly Sweater Contest/breakfast may be schedule for December.

  1. Court Conditions/Maintenance/Exterior Lighting-Tom Tremont. 
  1. Court play issues

The board refers the following issues to the OPC Usage Committee for possible changes, clarification, signage.

7.  RAFFLE prize winners chosen. Funds support Alzheimer’s research.

8.  Meeting adjourned at 12:15.