Featured Member: Lydia Guevara


Our fabulous Membership Chair was born in Queens, New York, and found her way to life in California as follows.

When I was ten years old my mother (single Mom) called my grandmother who then lived in San Francisco and asked if she could send my older sister out for the summer.  My grandmother went to the airport to pick her up and, surprise, all three of us (sister, older brother and myself) got off the plane.   Mom came out to SF 3 months later, and we never returned to New York. 

After graduating from high school, I enrolled in Cosmetology school, and I received my cosmetologist license.  I worked at that for one year and came to find that it wasn’t my cup of tea.  During that year I met and married and had two wonderful children and was a stay-at-home mom until the marriage had its struggles and soon fell apart after 11 years. 

Oh boy, it was time to reinvent myself, but I knew I was NOT going back into Cosmetology.  One year after the divorce I found myself working in the airline industry as a customer service liaison, I did that for 23 years until that tragic day when 911 happened and soon found I was going to be laid off.    Time to reinvent myself again!  Some months went by when I received a call from a close friend of mine, she asked me if I wanted to come and work as an assistant to a Clinical Research Manager for a pharmaceutical company where she worked.  My interview was with the VP of R&D and manager of Clinical Research; they called me the next day with an offer.  I completed several classes at UCSF extension and obtained many certificates for Clinical Research.  While at the company in 2016 I met my lifetime partner Ken.  Ken and I have 5 children between us and 3 grandchildren.  We have a home in VA where Ken’s children and grandchild live and we get back there frequently. 

I was employed with the company for 13 years until they moved to San Diego. I commuted weekly for one year until they asked me to move, I declined, they then laid me off with a nice severance package, amongst other perks. I then decided it was time to retire and sell the house in Redwood City and move to Oakmont.    

We’re glad you stayed in California, Lydia!