Special Oakmont Pickleball Rules

(during the pandemic)

Play is now open for all residents of Oakmont using the OVA and OPC guidelines. Please read the rest of the guidelines here.

Oakmont Pickleball Rules

  • The Oakmont Pickleball courts are for use of all members of Oakmont Village Association. 
  • Proper non-marking court shoes are required on the courts at all times. 
  • There are guidelines for the equipment used on the Oakmont Pickleball Courts. It is the responsibility of all players to comply. 
  • Paddles on the Sun City Grand banned (Red) list are not allowed on the courts. The latest version is posted courtside at the bulletin board. 
  • No food or liquids other than water are permitted in the court area. 
  • Members of the OPC may sponsor a maximum of four guests (per day, per household) to play at the Oakmont Village Association courts. It is the responsibility of the sponsor and guests to observe all rules/guidelines of the Oakmont Pickleball Club. 
  • Keys to the courts may not be loaned to non-members. 
  • The courts may not be reserved for private parties or any activity that has not been approved by OVA management. 
  • The facility may be used for OVA and OPC approved scheduled events. These events will be approved by OVA management and managed and advertised by the OPC. 
  • These rules conform to the OVA Guest Policy dated March 3, 2019.  

Rules during Play 

  • You must call out the score, so your opponent can hear, before serving the ball. 
  • The server must wait for the receiver to be ready before serving the ball. 
  • You make the line calls on your side of the net and NOT the other side. 
  • You may ask the opposition to help with a call, and then their decision is FINAL. 
  • If you did not see where a ball bounced – it is IN. 
  • For non-officiated play, non-volley zone faults may be called by either team. 

Official Pickleball rules