Special Oakmont Pickleball Rules

(during the pandemic)

All players should be vaccinated including guests.

Oakmont Pickleball Rules

  • The Oakmont Pickleball courts are for use of all members of Oakmont Village Association. 
  • Proper non-marking court shoes are required on the courts at all times. 
  • There are guidelines for the equipment used on the Oakmont Pickleball Courts. It is the responsibility of all players to comply. 
  • Paddles on the Sun City Grand banned (Red) list are not allowed on the courts. The latest version is posted courtside at the bulletin board. 
  • No food or liquids other than water are permitted in the court area. 
  • Members of the OPC may sponsor a maximum of four guests (per day, per household) to play at the Oakmont Village Association courts. It is the responsibility of the sponsor and guests to observe all rules/guidelines of the Oakmont Pickleball Club. 
  • Keys to the courts may not be loaned to non-members. 
  • The courts may not be reserved for private parties or any activity that has not been approved by OVA management. 
  • The facility may be used for OVA and OPC approved scheduled events. These events will be approved by OVA management and managed and advertised by the OPC. 
  • These rules conform to the OVA Guest Policy dated March 3, 2019.  

Rules during Play 

  • You must call out the score, so your opponent can hear, before serving the ball. 
  • The server must wait for the receiver to be ready before serving the ball. 
  • You make the line calls on your side of the net and NOT the other side. 
  • You may ask the opposition to help with a call, and then their decision is FINAL. 
  • If you did not see where a ball bounced – it is IN. 
  • For non-officiated play, non-volley zone faults may be called by either team. 

Official Pickleball rules