Featured Member: John Brodey



It all started at a little 5,000 watt radio station in E. Bumfokke Wisconsin…  Well not exactly.  After growing up in Washington D.C. and moving to Boston after college, I did join a 50K watt progressive rock radio station there in the late 60’s.  I was an announcer and music director during some pretty wild times (S-D-R). Ten years later I segued to the other side of music and spent the next 25 years in L.A. working for several major record labels and my own indie label.  And then it was time for something completely different as I segued to Sonoma County after re-meeting my wife Cristie and then began my last career as a reverse mortgage specialist here in Santa Rosa.  Along the way, I had two (actually 3) fabulous children and am thrilled to be living in paradise with my honey, tons of friends and an addiction to pickleball.