Featured Member: Joan Seliga


Joan Seliga moved to Oakmont in 1997. Prior to that she lived in Santa Rosa since 1990, and
before that she lived in San Jose. Joan is somewhat a local girl in that she was born in
Oakland and grew up in Castro Valley. After graduating from Castro Valley High she attended
San Jose State College. It was here that she would meet her future husband, who was a
baseball pitcher for the Dodgers farm system.

While raising two children Joan became interested in sports and began playing golf and tennis.
After the family moved to Santa Rosa, Joan joined the La Canterra Tennis Club and won the
Northern California Club Championship.

After moving to Oakmont Joan continued playing golf and tennis. She was one of perhaps 10
people who began playing this new sport “pickleball” at Wild Oak, before there were courts at
Oakmont. Occasionally she would play at Howarth Park. When the group was able to
convince the OVA to have courts at Oakmont, Joan was there. She still plays pickleball 2 or 3
times a week, even after having rotator cuff surgery 8 months ago.

Besides being a pickleball enthusiast, Joan plays golf 2 or 3 times a week. She has won a
gold and silver medal in the Senior Games for Pickleball and a gold metal in golf. You could
say she is competitive, but she says it’s all in staying in shape.

Joan stays in shape by walking 30 to 35 miles each week, playing Mah Jongg, when she isn’t
playing golf or pickleball. Her other hobbies include reading, cooking gardening and wine
making, (which she does with her three brothers).

Joan’s advice for other pickleballersz: “Have fun, stay busy, stay healthy, stay happy!!