New Player Orientation

On Tuesdays at 9 am new players can meet at pickleball court 4. Orientation will provide loaner paddles and teach basic skills including how to play a game. Contact Victoria Dettman for more information.


If you are interested in one-on-one mentoring and/or practice games with other new players, contact Barbara Ricossa

Lessons with Adam

Adam MacKinnon is the Oakmont Pickleball Club’s instructor.  Adam is a 5.0 level player and fully certified and insured Pickleball instructor.  He offers classes on Wednesday and Thursday mornings on the Oakmont courts.  Adam will send information to all Club members every 2 months describing the classes that will be offered and how to sign up for those classes.  

For more information on lessons with Adam, visit this page >> 


There are many videos online to view – here are a few sample YouTube videos: