New Player Orientation

On Tuesdays at 9 am new players can meet at pickleball court 4. Orientation will provide loaner paddles and teach basic skills including how to play a game. Contact Nancy at: for more information.


If you are interested in one-on-one mentoring and/or practice games with other new players, contact Barbara Ricossa or Jim Howard.

Lessons with Adam

Adam MacKinnon is the Oakmont Pickleball Club’s instructor.  Adam is a 5.0 level player and fully certified and insured Pickleball instructor.  He offers classes on Wednesday and Thursday mornings on the Oakmont courts.  Adam will send information to all Club members every 2 months describing the classes that will be offered and how to sign up for those classes.  

Lessons are being given again by Adam. Just click on the link to the sign up form on the Homepage.


There are many videos online to view – here are a few sample YouTube videos: