Flock cartoon

During these trying times of isolation, it has come to my attention that Oakmont Pickleball members are being flocked (not to be confused with any other word which may sound familiar).  Flock is an old English noun which means to gather or move in a large number.  It appears that the people who were flocked actually deserve it due to their excessive flocking habits.  Flocking consists of anonymously placing a group of plastic flamingos (known for their flocking behavior and defying social distancing) in a designated yard of an Oakmont Pickleball member.  Instructions are included to pay it forward by selecting a  pickleball member who also needs a good flocking and placing the flock in their yard. 

Yes, with the release of the Corona Virus restrictions which have been placed upon us, our flocking instincts have been renewed.  A rationale can be made in favor of the herd immunity concept which simply states that individuals are protected from contagious diseases as a result of living in a community where a critical number of people are vaccinated.  They are thereby protected even if they are unable to be vaccinated. 

Pertaining to the Oakmont Pickleball Club, it is my assertion that the members have a high need for flocking.  Pickleball is their major flocking activity, where gathering in movement and numbers is very essential and desirable.  In fact, there are some individuals outside the pickleball community who are critical of the excessive noise and laughter which is the result of their flocking activities.  Can you imagine what it will be like for the members when the isolation is lifted?  It is anticipated that large numbers will gather at the courts of the East Rec Center.  Hugging and elbow bumping will be observed even with some not wearing masks.  Social eating habits will probably resume and I wouldn’t be surprised if a dessert potluck (Snap) will be one of the first activities.   Flocking habits might have to be refined confining players to smaller numbers and distancing. How that evolves will be up to considerable deliberation and discussion.  Outsider flocks will probably be more restrictive.  If  enough of the flock gets tested, perhaps herd immunity will prevail  and protect the majority of the flock. In any case, it is going to be very difficult adjustment for the flock, but we will prevail which is what good flocks do. 

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