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Written by:  Doc Savarese                                                                  Drawing by:  Peter Copen

 The interview began in Anita and Diane’s backyard in order to maintain appropriate social distancing.  They had just recently celebrated their 30th anniversary.  Both Anita and Diane stated that their relationship was that of “evolvement”.  They met in a home health program where they worked together; with Anita as the District Coordinator and Diane as a Physical Therapist.  Diane stated that she had been a “jock” all of her life (tournament tennis player) where she sought physical activities as a means of fulfilment. She was seeking self-identity  and found an immediate social/emotional attraction towards Anita. She felt comfortable, accepted and non- judged. Anita (who was not a jock) was searching for self-understanding and acceptance, reciprocated her feelings toward Diane.

The relationship began with both of them desiring “mutual satisfaction” as an important ingredient.  Both Anita and Diane wanted to help each other to fulfill their unrealized dreams which had been stagnated throughout most of their lives. They moved into a country setting around Sea Ranch where they developed mutually satisfying interests such as Diane’s interest in horses and Anita’s interest in the Arts.  Their relationship evolved from having fearful feelings based upon past experiences into those of self-acceptance and confidence.  They learned how to overlook many social pressures, believe in themselves by satisfying each other’s emotional needs, making it a point to appreciate and respect one another, and achieve balance in their personality differences.  I found it intriguing while listening to them to see how far they have evolved in appreciating their individuality and viewing it as complimentary.

Anita and Diane moved to Oakmont approximately 11 years ago needing to change their life-style due to Anita’s toxic reaction to tick bites.  This transformation included Anita’s introduction to pickleball in 2013 when it was an emerging sport in Oakmont.  Diane soon followed, and both of them became highly skilled players, winning a Silver Medal in the Women’s Senior Doubles Division at the Wine Country Tournament in Santa Rosa.  Anita continues to play one-on-one (skinny singles) during the pandemic while Diane is on hold, waiting  for surgery on her hip.

In searching to characterize their relationship, I find myself using the word “grit”.  They have a positive approach to their marriage, to get better, to forgive, to innovate and an indomitable attitude to move on despite social pressures and problems.  They are truly a couple who have weathered life’s predictable and unpredictable storms together and evolved as true and inseparable partners.  I came away from the interview inspired and enriched.

Caricature by Peter Copen

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