Fall Tournament

The tournament will be held on Saturday, September 18th starting at 9 am.

There will be two (2) playing levels. Group A will be for the advanced players and Group B will be for all novice and intermediate players.

Both Groups will be limited to the first (6) teams (2 people per team) that sign up. The first set of matches will be randomly selected and each of the (5) eleven point games, will determine the top four (4) players competing in a sixth (6th) and final game to determine the winner. Each team’s score per game will be tallied, with the four (4) highest overall scores participating in the final game for each Group. 

Due to time constraints we can only accommodate (6) teams in each Group, so find a partner and sign up as soon as possible by sending an email to the organizers:  Mark Majkowski at mmajik44@gmail.com or Jim Howard at jimwhoward56@yahoo.comincluding your self-assessed Group Level (A or B). We will also be carrying an Alternate Player’s list for any last minute cancellations.