Court Usage 

Open Play: everyday 9:30 – 11:30 am

  • Paddle up by skill level: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Players should play in their self-assessed level the majority of the time but may elect to play up or down one level to fill a court, to challenge themselves or help out some new players. 
  • The first level to have four paddles up takes the next open court. (However, for example, there are two paddles up at Novice and two paddles up at Intermediate and a court becomes available, the four could agree to play together and take a court.) 
  • Courts can be used by all levels (EXCEPTION when courts #1 and #4 are scheduled for Orientation, Mentoring or Lessons). 
  • After you have completed your game, you must leave the court if any paddles, at any level, are up. (For example, there are two paddles up at Novice; you were playing with an Intermediate group when you exit the court. Two of you may choose to make up a foursome with those that have paddled up or you may paddle up and wait for others at your skill level). 
  • Those wanting to drill may do so –however- there is a 15-minute time limit. 
  • Players not actively participating in a game MUST LEAVE THE COURT. 

Outside of Open Play: 8 am – 9:30 am & 11:30 am – 7 pm 

  • It is up to the individual group(s) to decide to include walk-ons in their play. 
  • If the courts fill up and people are waiting, you must give up your court at the end of the game (Including groups). 
  • Unlike Open Play, groups may continue to play together when the next court opens up. 

Skill Levels