Pickleball Court Expansion Campaign: What Members Need to Know

This is important background information that relates to pickleball court expansion in Oakmont. Members should at least understand the general picture so they can write emails or make brief public statements at meetings where the issue is considered by public officials. 

There are two key steps remaining that will affect what happens and whether we are successful in getting more courts here.

OVA Amendment Heads Next to Santa Rosa City Council for Vote May 21

In a March 28 meeting of the Santa Rosa Planning Commission, the commissioners voted 7-0 to support an OVA proposed amendment that would enable the Oakmont governing body to make minor land use decisions. If successful, this action will pave the way for OVA to expand pickleball court facilities here.

On the heels of the Commission’s vote, the next step in the court expansion campaign takes shape when the Commission’s recommendations go to the Santa Rosa City Council. The Council is expected to vote on whether to approve the amendment on May 21.

City Council meetings are conducted as a public hearing, so testimony from the public (e.g. OPC) influences the way they vote.  we will alert OPC members once again to show support. 

Assuming it passes there, the issue will return to Oakmont, where the OVA will begin exercising its new-found powers to make decisions about minor land use decisions. Adding new pickleball courts is expected to be on the OVA’s list of projects, although where, when and how it happens is anybody’s guess. 

OPC Members, OVA Board Supported Courts Campaign at March Meeting

Several members of OPC’s board of directors attended the March Planning Commission meeting by Zoom, while club members Larry Burns and Dick Hirsch attended in person. Both Burns and Hirsch made public comments in support of the proposal. 

Meanwhile, OVA president Iris Harrell, OVA general manager Christel Antone, OVA board member Jeff Neuman and board candidate Matt Oliver were also present at the meeting. Harrell made a statement supporting the proposal, while Antone has been instrumental in quarterbacking the proposed amendment from the start.

OPC has been closely watching events related to the court expansion campaign, and club member Craig Lawson has been instrumental in keeping club leadership apprised of actions needed to support the campaign as events unfold. 

Final Step: OVA Board, OPC Member Support Will be Needed

Like any political process, there are layers of actions and various interests that will come to bear on the outcome in this campaign. OPC members will need to be aware of when their involvement is critically needed to help ensure we gain the courts we need.

We will keep our members informed about the progress of the OVA amendment as well as what happens after it gets approved and the issue comes home to Oakmont. Please check back on this website occasionally to stay informed.