Court Courtesy and Easter Fun

Easter 2021

by Helen Selenati

Pickleball is so much fun and everyone enjoys getting together to play and socialize. How lucky we are to have such an awesome club. Now that we are able to play doubles again it would be a good time to review our unspoken Court Courtesy guidelines. The official PB rule is that the receiving side makes the call on whether a ball was in or out. However, during a friendly game, when there is a misunderstanding or confusion about whether a ball was in or out during a serve, it would be acceptable to agree to a do-over. Or during your first game of the day it is perfectly fine to request a “first -in” when it’s your first time serving. In general, during a game, when there is confusion whether a ball was in or out during play, it’s perfectly OK to do the point over if everyone agrees. Hopefully these guidelines will be a great reminder for veteran players and information for newer members as well. The point is to have fun and enjoy the game while making allowances for declining eyesight, short memory spans, and general “geriatric frailties”. 

Now that summer is approaching more players will be coming out to play in the warmer weather. This could result in the courts filling up during popular playing times. So, when you are waiting for a game, its customary to put your paddle up on the fence to indicate that you are available for a game. This helps players on the courts to see that there are others waiting to get on a court. There are signs on the fence indicating the various levels that players feel comfortable signing up for. After finishing a game, take a look for paddles on the fence or if there are people on the deck that might be waiting to get a game in. In either case, please leave the court and join the others on deck to see who’s next in line to play. 

Beyond playing pickleball we also have so many other opportunities to enjoy one another’s company. On St. Patrick’s Day the OPC arranged a fun celebration with raffles and “unusual” prizes. Most players dressed up in green and enjoyed playing a few games in the lovely weather. There also was an Easter celebration on April 1st with an Easter egg hunt, raffles and many prizes. Some amusing Bunny ears showed up for the event. It seems like the fun never ends on and around the pickleball courts. If you haven’t already paid your 2021 Membership dues please do so now. It’s only $20 for all this fun!!

Social committee volunteer Liz Majkowski and Carol Palombino posing with the Easter raffle prizes. 

Credit: Photo by Helen Selenati

New Player Orientation:  Arrangements can be made by contacting Nancy Lande at 978-2998 to schedule a session. Demo Loaner paddles are available for club members to check out for a week by contacting Doc Savarese at 349-9065. 

Maggie Schmidt looking lovely in her very green fascinator and Mardi Gras beads together with the highly disguised Peter Copen

Credit: Photo by Maureen McGettigen

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