Mission of the Oakmont Pickleball Club

The goal of the Oakmont Pickleball Club is to promote the sport of pickleball for all Oakmont residents. Our core values include:

  • FUN – If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!
  • FRIENDSHIP – We aren’t just a game. We’re a community, and we promote social bonds and activities designed to bring players together on and off the court.
  • DEVELOPMENT – No matter what your level of play, we offer instruction, mentoring and support for you to play your best–and improve your game as you desire.
  • SAFETY – We work to educate members on safe play practices and, if needed, assisting other players who become injured on or around the courts. From warmups and stretching to safety tips and more, we do our best to help players stay healthy and active in the sport.

2024 Board Members

2024 Committees and Key Volunteers

(listed alphabetically)


This committee makes regular updates to information on the courtside bulletin boards mounted on the east recreation centers south wall.

Ann Berman – Chair anndanb@gmail.com

Board Liaison – Maggie Schmidt


The Court Usage Committee works to provide guidelines/etiquette on court usage during Open Play and other times. All court usage guidelines are approved by the board before implementation and publication.

Nancy Schmit – Chair nschmit@earthlink.net

Board Liaison – Sheila Ferguson


The primary role of the Equipment Committee is to procure and manage the supply of balls for court usage.

Carol Palombino – Chair carolpal3@yahoo.com

Board Liaison – Maggie Schmidt


Helps promote practices to ensure safer play and supports players in maintaining optimum health for participation in active sport. Includes increasing member awareness of immediate treatment procedures for injuries and medical emergencies, such as heart attack, using the AED, stroke, first aid, etc.

Peter Copen – Chair pcopen38@aol.com

Board Liaison Tim Smith


Loaner paddles are available for trial on a sign-out basis. In addition, our loaner paddle representative can discuss your paddle needs and preferences as well as offer advice and assistance in purchasing the right paddle for each player.

Jim Howard, Chair jimwhoward56@yahoo.com

Board Liaison – Robert Williams


The Logo Wear Committee procures and distributes hats, visors and T-shirts bearing the OPC logo at a nominal markup to members. OPC logo hats and visors are currently available in various colors for $15 by emailing Liz Majkowski lizmajkowski24@gmail.com For other clothing items (other than hats and visors), see signup sheet in the OPC folder in the OVA Office.

Liz Majkowski – Chair lizmajkowski24@gmail.com

Board Liaison – Sheila Ferguson


All aspects of court maintenance are managed or overseen by the Maintenance Committee. Areas of responsibility court surfacing, court drying, gates and fencing on the courts, the supply shed and other areas.

Ed Russell – Chair jedlrussell@gmail.com

Board Liaison – Robert Williams


The Media Committee manages OPC’s public information on various media platforms, including our monthly column in the Oakmont News and social media (if applicable).

Peter Copen – Chair pcopen38@aol.com

Board Liaison – Tim Smith


OPC’s mentors are available upon request to work with new players and those seeking to improve their skills. Mentors are other club member volunteers who offer one-on-one and group coaching, including practice games, at no charge in a no-pressure environment.

Barbara Ricossa – Chair ricossa@ymail.com

Board Liaison – Sheila Ferguson


Brand new players are welcome to attend orientation every Tuesday at 9:00 am on Court 4. Orientation will provide loaner paddles and teach basic skills including how to play a game. Contact Victoria Dettman bvdettman@earthlink.net for more information.

Victoria Dettman – Chair bvdettman@earthlink.net

Board Liaison – Maggie Schmidt


Organizes and manages social events for the Pickleball Club. Events include the annual June anniversary of the opening of the courts, the annual Pickleball Bash in August, the October Halloween party and the holiday celebration in December. Also, organizes a number of smaller events, such as SNAPP (Snacks and Pickleball Play) after the quarterly club meetings, providing beverages and snacks for tournaments, etc.

Valerie Oliver – Chair valerieoliver55@gmail.com

Board Liaison – Maggie Schmidt


The technology committee manages OPC’s website, including content updates. The committee also provides technical assistance in various capacities, such as working with MailChimp, Zoom, managing AV equipment during member meetings, etc.

Dena K. Chair – Chair denakelber@gmail.com

Board Liaison – Tim Smith


OPC hosts one or more annual tournaments for players who want to compete in Intermediate and Advanced categories. Our Tournament Committee plans, organizes and manages the tournaments.

Larry Burns – Chair lawrenceburns1@mac.com

Board Liaison – Tim Smith