1. Welcome by Tom Tremont. Apologies for late start. OVA had technical errors.
  2. Membership Report. Currently 152 members in the club.
  3. Treasurers Report, Brenda Johns. $11,128.09 in bank. $5,770 of this total is from 77 Spring Fling dinners. $2,200 carried over from 2021. Dues this year brought in $3,775.  We have spent 1/3 of that the first 1/3 of this year. 
  4. Courts-Tom Tremont. Tom to verify resurfacing of courts this year. Camera installation by OVA is still in the works. Tennis Club has communicated that they do not want striping or changes to any of their courts for OPC’s use.
  5. Membership guidelines-John Brodey. It was determined that there is no need to post signs for the following. Just kindly remind people of expectations: No food on courts. No open play bypasses by preselected groups of four. Our OPC Open Play goal is to have fun and build relationships.
  1. Workshops/Lessons with Adam-Teresa Howard. Twenty four participants in the first Int/Adv Skills & Drills Workshop. Nine participants in Not-Quite-Beginning. New Int/Adv workshop scheduled to begin April 29. Link on website.
  1. Upcoming Events-Tournament April 23, 9-12. Ten intermediate participants and 18 advanced participants. Spring Fling upcoming May 12@ Saddle Club.
  1. Member Questions/Concerns-Suggestion to meet in person for further club business. Although space was not available this month, the next two Quarterly Meetings are already reserved for the East Rec. 7/20/22 and 10/19/22.
  1. Meeting Adjourned, Tom Tremont