OPC’s Got Talent-August 12


Who knew that one VERY suave Hawaiian tourist could shake the dance floor so mightily? And why not? Our village of volunteers managed to create an evening of midsummer magic for court companions eager for a bit of fun, and willing to pitch in for Alzheimers’ research.

Wild blue cocktails…..check!

The legendary strumming of guitar master, Jim Munger….check!

Our very own Pickleball anthem, written by Fred Merrill (dude is full of surprises)….check!

A hot dance band including Doc, Peter, Heidi, Karen, and talented guest musicians…check!

Thanks to the generous members of our paddle whacking community, and a bit of beach ball infused giddiness, OPC raised over $1000 for the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimers. Just like our snazzy Hawaiian tourist, YOU ALL ROCK!!!

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