2024 OPC Spring Pickleball Tournament

The Oakmont Pickleball Club is pleased to announce its 2024 spring tournament. This page includes all information, including rules and a link to the registration form.

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, or you need assistance in registering, please contact the tournament organizers:

Larry Burns (rules and publicity) (908) 477-8307 lawrenceburns1@mac.com 

John Bruno (registration) (707) 291-3592

When and Where

Saturday, April 27

8 am – 2 pm

East Rec Center Courts

Who Can Play

Slots are now open for intermediate and advanced doubles teams for players 55+, including OPC members and guests (one per member). Players can choose their partner or have a partner assigned. 

Entry Fee

Annual membership for the OPC is $25. Membership includes FREE registration for the tournament. Members can invite one resident or non-resident guest for a $10 registration fee. Register Now >>

Tournament Format and Rules

  • Intermediate & Advanced Brackets
  • 5 game Round Robin, Groups 1 & 2
  • 1 game Semi-Final, Intermediate Group 1 & 2
  • 1 game Semi Final, Advance Group 1 & 2
  • 1 game Final Intermediate
  • 1 game Final Advance
  • Total Points determine winners.
  • Matches are timed 15 minutes each.
  • Max winner points are 20 per match (matches can exceed 11 points).
  • Tie breakers are one with 1 golden point after 15-minute match ends. Service will be determined by coin toss. The winner of the point is the winner of the game.
  • Each court will have a timekeeper/score keeper.

Pickleball players make the line calls on their respective side of the pickleball court. However, players may also call non-Volley Zone faults and service foot faults on the opponents’ side of the pickleball court. 

If there is any disagreement about the fault, the players will replay the point. In doubles pickleball, either partner may make line calls on their respective side of the pickleball court. Register Now >>

What You Need to Know About Player Ratings

Player ratings are designed to add a more objective, quantifiable method of determining a player’s skill level. In tournaments, ratings enable more evenly balanced partner assignments and make for more competitive and exciting play overall. There are several ways to rate players:

  • Self-Rating. Players declare their skill level based on understanding general rules of thumb.
  • DUPR Rating. DUPR is a free, easy-to-use app that collects information on enrolled players who enter the results of each game they play when facing other players who also use the app.  
  • Peer Rating. Players rate each other anonymously based on their prior knowledge of having played with and/or against other players over time.

Spring tournament players will be asked to enter their rating score on the registration form based on either self or DUPR rating. Detailed information on these methods can be found at https://oakmontpickleballclub.com/player-rating.

If you want assistance using one of these rating methods for registration, contact John Bruno at (707) 291-3592.

Register and Pay for the Spring Tournament

Special Note: registrations are now full for both advanced and intermediate brackets. However, members wishing to play are still encouraged to sign up for the wait list because substitutes will be needed to replace players who cancel at the last minute.

WE ALSO NEED VOLUNTEERS! Contact Larry Burns for details: (908) 477-8307 lawrenceburns1@mac.com 


Please note that payment for your entry must be completed separately from your registration form. Below are links to the payment process for both members and guests: